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Every time You Visit and Buy Goods using the CAREFY Platforms you Support the Filipino

CAREFY was designed to Empower the Masses and a Powerful Platform. Our Goal is to build Platforms that will Uplift Filipino lives by empowering legal Businesses and creating Opportunities to Earn. We have lots of Platforms on the Pipeline and below are the Finished ones.

First Services Marketplace

Start your Service Business at Home. Setup an Online Shop and Billing System with an advance tools to sell simple, virtual, variable, bookable and recurring Payments for your Service. The Platform uses an Escrow account to ensure Vendor and Buyer Protection.

Best Food Marketplace

Directly Buy and Sell any type of Food anywhere with the cheapest commission. For Restaurant, Bakery, etc., you can Sell your Products in target locations. Use simple, variable and group product configuration with flexible delivery and payment options.

Unique Plants Marketplace

Buy and Sell any type of Plants, Flowers and Seeds anywhere with the cheapest commission. For business owners, hobbyist, etc., you can Sell your products in target locations. Use simple and variable configuration with flexible delivery and payment options.

Free Fundraising Platform

CAREFY Fundraising is Free and designed for the masses which means Fundraiser can receive donations directly without having a Paypal or Bank account. It has a Strict Fundraiser Qualification and Fund Drives are screened to ensure Donor’s Protection.

Social Media & Blogging Platform

CAREFY is like a Facebook & LinkedIn on steroids due to the Global Wall. Enjoy features like Messaging, Timeline, News, Radio, etc.. Create Public or Private Page & Groups. Post Blogs to uplift lives and promote your products and services.

Free Jobs Portal

We want to Uplift the Lives of Filipinos by making Finding Jobs Easier thru publishing your Resume. Businesses can Post Jobs for Free and Feature your Urgent Job Opening thus reducing the Operating Cost.


Buyer Tips & Satisfaction

Our Goal is to make you Happy by providing Quality Services and Goods Conveniently. Kindly read below tips to ensure you have a Fruitful Experience in using CAREFY.

  1. Do research about the Services and Goods. Compare the Item, Vendors, Policy, Reviews, Badges, etc. before buying.
  2. If something is not clear on the Item Description, Policy, etc., communicate with the Vendor before buying by clicking the Inquire buttons in the Listing and the Store.
  3. Do not Buy any Goods and Services outside our Platform. You will Void our Return & Refund Policy for not using our Escrow account. Most fraudulent transactions happen outside any platform. We recommend using at least Cash on Delivery using the Platform to be protected. Furthermore, you are shortening the Life of All the CAREFY Platforms since we are offering many for Free and practicing the lowest commission in the Marketplaces.
  4. If you are Unhappy with your Purchase, visit the Order Menu in your Dashboard, click the Item and Refund button. Check the Refund Policy to be guided accordingly.
  5. If you need Support for the Goods you Purchased, visit the Order Menu in your Dashboard, click the Item and Support button.


Buyer Safety & Protection

CAREFY is the most Secure Platform with A+ Security. We are using Multi-layer Protection in our Websites, Server and CDN, such as Encryption, Firewall, DDOS Mitigation, Malware & Virus Scanner, Spam & Brute Force Protection, etc.. However, there is no Perfect Security and breaches occur mostly due to Human error, read below to ensure your utmost Protection.

  1. Use Strong Passwords when Registering an account. The password should be at least twelve characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Use the indicator in our Registration Form.
  2. Use email as username for Registration and Login for extra security because your name is easy to obtain.
  3. Keep your email private. Never publish your email in Social Media, Websites, etc. to avoid Phishing and Spam.
  4. Never update or share your account details outside of the platform you subscribed.
  5. Beware of Phishing and Spam who pretends to be CAREFY. These are the things we do and if someone is doing differently, Contact us or the Government Agencies.
  • We never send Newsletter to offer promos or email to update your CAREFY account.
  • We only allow updating of your accounts in our platform.
  • We never collect any credit card, bank, financial information and password of our Buyers.
  • We collect email, name, shipping and billing address of our Buyers to process transactions, inquiry and orders.
  • We only use our official domain i.e. name@carefy.ph to send email with regards to your transactions and order. Any email not using our domain is Fake.

Last Updated: March 25, 2021

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