General FAQs

CAREIFY is a Free, Fastest, Secure and Flexible Social Fundraising Platform. We combined all the Features of the older Platforms which means our Platform is Universal and can be used in any case that needs Financial Support. Whether your a Student, Parent, Sick Person, Organization or a Startup Company, CAREIFY can make a Fundraising post for you. It has multiple Donation options like Paypal, Direct Bank and Money Transfer. We develop it  be a Social Network wherein the Donors and Fundraisers can Connect, become Friends and create Groups.

There are many reasons why a Fundraiser must choose CAREIFY. However, it can be summarized by our Tagline which is “The Social Fundraising Platform that Care and Deliver“. We Care that is why our Platform is Forever Free and Designed for the Masses. We promote sending of funds bypassing the Paypal system and using Direct Money or Bank Transfer. Thru Direct Transfer you can avoid the Paypal commission for using their system and immediately receive the Donations in Full. We repeat, it’s Paypal commission and we get nothing. We are developing it to be a Good Social Network.

We believe in the Power of our own Product which is Care thru Selfless Giving. We believe that the Human Spirit is Kind and Care Giving. We are asking for Voluntary Donations to fund our Platform and apply our Product to Ourselves.

We don’t guarantee to receive Funds in your Fundraising Drive. What we guarantee is we have the best and optimized way to Deliver Funds as compared to others. The Basic fundamental in Giving is “Trust”, no one will Donate to an Untrustworthy Person or Platform. In the older platforms, it’s easy for Posers to post a great Fake story. In CAREIFY, there is no poser and scammer because of our very strict Fundraisers Qualification Platform to Build Trust. All Fundraising Drives are verified for authenticity and posted by us to ensure Quality.

The Platform can be used in Countries with many English speaking citizens. If you intend to use Paypal to receive or send funds, you need to check the Paypal Global List to verify if your Country can use Paypal.
We are currently developing the Platform to make it available and Search Engine Optimized in 18 Countries like the Creative Web website.

Fundraising FAQs

Posting a Fundraising drive in CAREIFY is Easy and can be done in 3 Steps:
1. Register in our Website. After Registration, you will receive an email which contains Instructions and the Terms and Conditions.
2. Write a Great Fundraising Drive and send us a copy together with the Requirements and Photos. Our Content Creator will publish your story to ensure Quality.
3. Monitor your Fundraising Drive and Connect with Friends and Donors using the Platform. Always be Grateful to the Donors to receive more.
Visit How it Works? for the details.

We allow all types of Fundraising Drive for Individual and Organizations. We allow Fixed and Recurring Fundraising like tuition and hospitalization fee. The Fundraiser must tell his own story. We allow Fundraising Drive for another Person only if you are an Organization or a Family member. We allow funding for registered Startup Business if they have a product or service in the market.
To Protect our Donors, we don’t allow Fundraising Drives that’s for luxury (like trips) and risky investments for example funding Beta products and unregistered businesses. We don’t allow unverifiable, for a friend and relative fundraising stories.
To learn more visit Terms & Conditions.

We designed our Platform for the Masses which don’t have a Paypal and Bank Account. We encourage everyone to use Direct Money or Bank transfer and not use Paypal. Thru this Fundraisers can receive the money immediately and in Full. Monitoring Donation is impossible if not using Paypal and a tool by other Platforms to calculate their commission. Lastly, the Fundraisers can easily compute donations manually.
We don’t have posting duration limit because some financial support is recurring for a long time like tuition and hospitalization fees.

If your submitted Fundraising post passed our standards and have complete requirements and photos it will be published within 24 hours. We will only reply to Fundraiser with incomplete requirements and poorly written post to fixed it.

If you have at least one of the following you can post a Fund Drive: 1. Paypal Email Account 2. Bank Account 3. Money Transfer Account (Palawan Express, Western Union, etc.). It’s best to activate all modes of Payment for your Donors convenience but only one is fine.

You must log in the Platform to comment and thanks your donor. We recommend to thank the donors both in the platform and offline thru personalized email. We add Social Network features, you can connect, chat and become Friends with your Donor.

If you are satisfied with the Donations you received, please send us a message with the URL of your Fund drive and we will delete it within 2 days.

Donors FAQs

If you Donate online using Paypal or Bank Transfer, the Fundraiser will receive an email regarding your donation.
If offline and manual donations, to communicate with the Fundraiser you need to Register a CAREIFY account and comment publicly. To inform the Fundraiser privately, use the Connect with Fundraiser button to view the Profile, chat, Add as Friend and connect. Your messages using our simple Social Network will be sent both to the Fundraiser email and in his social account.

CAREIFY is the most Secure Fundraising Platform according to Header Security and Mozilla Observatory. We are using multi-layer security like Firewall, DDOS, Brute Force, Encryption, Malware and Spam Protection.
We do not store any Financial record of the Donor in our server.  If you send money thru Paypal, you are redirected and using Paypal server and their world class security.

For more questions, Contact or Chat with us and we will respond promptly.

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