Here are some common questions about Selling on CAREFY

The best place to Sell a Product is to sell them in a Mall or an Online Platform together with other related Goods. We build CAREFY because there is no Food Marketplace and to have an alternative to the Inefficient Food Delivery Service. Thru CAREFY, vendors can directly sell Food and in charge of the delivery system. This makes Food ordering leaner and delivery is more efficient especially during peak hours. Vendors earn more because the Delivery fee goes to their pocket and excluded in the commission after sales.

CAREFY is like Shopee wherein Vendors can build a Store, but it’s more advance since it can process Simple, Group Menu and Variable configuration with delivery booking. Plus it has Directory, Ledger, Vendor Coupon, Messaging, etc. to make online selling Convenient and Secure.

Prerequisite to Activate your Store are: 1. DTI or SEC Permit 2. BPI Account (to receive the payments) 3. Gmail or Company Email account (to communicate, receive notifications from the Buyer and CAREFY Admin)

It’s easy to set up a shop at CAREFY. Visit the Vendor Information Center, click the Store Setup, Delivery Set up and various Food Demos to view the easy and step by step procedure in selling your Products.

CAREFY Food is a Marketplace for any type of Registered Food Business in the Philippines. Whether your a Restaurant, Bakery or a Caterer, CAREFY can sell your Simple, Variable and Group Menu of Food with simple booking and flexible payment options. If you intend to sell Services, please use the CAREFY Services platform and if you intend to sell Plants and Flowers, please use the CAREFY Plants platform. For other Products, we recommend using Shopee.

If your Food is not on the listed categories, please Contact Us before registering your Business to avoid wasting time. We will respond immediately to any queries.

CAREFY don’t have a list of banned Food but we banned it according to their Nature:

1. Any Food that cannot be delivered to the Buyer within 7 days after Booking and Payment.
2. Any Food that can be bought in the Grocery store. Any Food that is uncooked and unprocessed.
3. Any Food from an unregistered Business and Reseller. You must sell your own Food product.

You don’t need a Debit or Credit Card to sell in CAREFY. However, you need to open a BPI bank account so that we can transfer payments for your Food listing online without a Fee.

Joining and starting a shop on CAREFY is Free. There are three basic selling fees: a Listing Fee, a Payment Processing Fee and a Commission Fee.
Food Listing Fee is Free.
Payment Processing Fee is Free for Cash on Delivery, Bank and Money Transfer. For Paypal and PayMaya, charges apply to the Buyer to reduce the Price of your Product and increase the Income.
Commission Fee is 3% after a successful Sale. The optional and customizable Delivery Fee charged by the Vendor is excluded from the commission to increase your income.

After the Buyer receives the Product and there is no Refund request after 7 days, all the Payments are eligible for Withdrawal. We will automatically transfer All payments Weekly (Monday) to your BPI Bank Account.

We activate Cash Payments for convenience and to boost your sales. You can accept Cash Payments if you choose Ship by Distance as your default Store Delivery System. You or your courier must accept cash payments for your store if you use the Shipping by Distance mode. Just ensure you update the Order Status to “Completed” after you deliver and accept the payments. Visit Order Processing & Payments to learn more.

CAREFY requires all Vendors to have a Business Permit and moderate all Food listings to ensure Quality. However, not all Vendors are equal so we introduce the Verified Vendor badge to acknowledge Businesses with an existing online presence. Requirements to be become a Verified Vendor are:
1. Business Website using own domain. 2. Registered email using the business domain name (change your email in My Account). 3. Social Media Pages linked to the Vendor Store. 4. Photo of Valid ID of the Registered Owner. 5. DTI, SEC or BIR Permit (PDF or Image).
Once all requirements are complete, visit Vendor Verification by clicking Dashboard > Setting > Verification button and upload all the requirements.

We will be introducing more Badges soon to acknowledge Vendors with Good Quality and Sales in our Platform.

Here are some common questions about Buying at CAREFY

Our Platform was built to boost Revenue of any registered Food Business while making if Safe, Secure and Convenient. Whenever you buy at CAREFY, you uplift Filipino businesses and avoid COVID and traffic. You are protected by an Escrow account and buying good quality Food since we only support legal businesses.

Since CAREFY Food is a Marketplace, you are dealing directly with the Food Supplier thus reducing their Product cost, making the process leaner and easier to demand better quality.

CAREFY Platform has A+ Security and the most secure. We have multi-layer protection like FireWall, DDOS Prevention, Encryption, Malware & Brute Force Protection, etc. in our Website, Server and CDN.

We don’t collect and store your Financial data. If you purchase any Product, then you are protected and using the third-party payment platforms like Paypal, PayMaya, BPI, etc.

The Delivery System and Fees are handled by the Vendors to increase their income. We have many Vendors which offer Free Delivery but You need to check their Store Policies to ensure you are protected while using their Delivery system.

You can Pay for the Goods using Cash on Delivery, Paypal, PayMaya, BPI, Palawan Express, Visa, Master Card, Credit and Debit Cards. We will be adding more Banks and Payment platforms soon to make online shopping more convenient.

To ensure Convenience, we activate Cash Payments for Local Vendors using the Delivery by Distance Method. To pay in Cash, check Cash on Delivery if available during Checkout. Inform us after you pay in Cash so that you are protected and can use our Refund Policy.

Cash on Delivery is deactivated in Shipping by Weight and Province modes because the Vendor maybe using a courier which cannot collect money for them.

You can track your Order, Refund and Support by visiting the My Account Dashboard and accessing the Order Menu. An email will also be sent regarding the Status updates of your Order and Goods. Visit Order Processing & Refunds to learn more.

Last Updated: March 25, 2021

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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